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Welcome to Eros Academy

You are now a messenger of Venus. The fact you have chosen this path shows that you have great ambition and it is here that you will learn the true meaning of love. We will guide you and give you the tools that will allow you to sculpt your potential into that of a real Patron of Love.






Journal Entry: Sat Jul 18, 2015, 11:50 PM


The neighboring tribe of Mu has opened their beaches to the Temple of Venus! These peaceful, fishlike people welcome the students of Eros Academy to take a dip in their sparkling waters and relax by the oceanside as they celebrate the crowning of their new princess.

The Event will last from June 14th — August 14th.

It is currently night time on Venus.

How to participate:

Swimsuit meme - You can start by drawing your character(s) in a swimsuit! Animalia may have their own ‘customs’ for what they consider swimsuit material, but for those that don’t, the school has offered up their lost & found that’s filled with various clothes from decades past.

A Smörgåsbord of Horrors - Partake in the celebratory feast of the Mu people. The seafood here may seem almost abhorrent to Terraborns, what with all their tendrils and additional eyes.

Underwater Exploration - Take a trip through the underground caverns where the Mu tribe live, but be careful not to get lost!

Salmacis Springs - Take a dip in the enchanted hotsprings. Legend says that whoever bathes in these springs will undergo a transformation. (Presentation play, aka the sex changing fountain; effects last until the end of the event.)

Note: the extent of your transformation is up to you - be it a sex swap, becoming totally sexless or a combination of both. Please be respectful and don’t use offensive terms to describe your characters temporary change in physical appearance!

*Be sure to drop by the chat and roleplay the event. Group chat rps set for:
❤ July 24th to 26th
❤ July 31st to August 2nd
❤ August  7th to August 9th 

Participating in this event earns you 10 RP.

Design the Princess of Mu!

This activity is a bit special, and something new we wanted to try: member designed NPC’s. Like the title says, you get to design the Princess of Mu and decide what she (and by extension, her race) looks like and name her!

At the end of the event, we’ll pick a design based on creativity and feedback, and the winner gets to keep their design as a supporting character. All participants will earn 5 RP by default, winner and runner-up designs will earn more.

The guidelines on how to enter is as followed:

❤ The submission must be a colored waist up or fullbody
❤ Naturally, the princess should be aquatic themed in some way!
❤ This is an Animalian tribe, so the design cannot be 100% human.
❤ The princess must be female presenting, otherwise you are free to establish the rest of her identity.
❤ You can use this template but it's not required.
Please submit all entries to the event journal!

The design contest will end August 8th  - giving the winner a chance to introduce their new princess.
*Only extension to the contest, so please get those entries in!  

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Hey, anyone who is considering joining Ero or just has a general question about the group, Sildrae and I will try to answer any to our best ability in the chat room right now!… Come by if you're free to chat and we'll be in here as long as possible and this weekend too!
RobotBunnyInc Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist


So I was in the group as :iconr0b0t8unny: but left a while ago after the group died.
Would I be a returning member or a new member?
istasha Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
HEY, welcome back! sadly, you would count as a new member since returning members were those who replied to the activity check. i feel a little bad, since you probably didn't get a chance to see it.. 

but don't worry, the only difference is those returning members get to reserve a spot longer, and a free gift to compensate for points they're losing.

if you rejoin with your old character, all you have to do is sign up with the same house as before and you're welcome to keep all of their past interactions/development through the group canon (minus any point shop purchases  though iirc, your character had butterfly wings and those are now a race of their own). you're also at liberty to take this chance to enroll a new character, too!

i hope this clears any doubts & that you'll find the new group to your liking. ^p^)7
RobotBunnyInc Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
*7* Oh wow I love all these updates. I'll take my place as new  o7o>
Thanks for letting me know all this
istasha Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015
it's no problem! we're happy to see old faces again <3
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