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Welcome to Eros Academy

You are now a messenger of Venus. The fact you have chosen this path shows that you have great ambition and it is here that you will learn the true meaning of love. We will guide you and give you the tools that will allow you to sculpt your potential into that of a real Patron of Love.








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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 31, 2016, 10:40 AM


Greetings, erotes! Our long night has come to an end and love is in the air! Our most special holiday is quickly approaching and much needs to be done if it's going to be the utmost successful! Decorations need to be put up, round trips to Earth need to be taken, zombies need to be fought, and Venus cannot forget to reward her students for bearing with her for so long, so she's throwing a party! Gifts on her behalf have been given to every student but some of them seem... Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

This event will last from February 1st to March 1st. 

It is currently day time on Venus.

How to participate 

Love Potions, by Venus: As mentioned, Venus has left a special gift to every erote and psychai which could take the form of pretty much anything, it's just coincidental that they're either something the erote has been wanting for a while... Or something they loathe worse than garbage. But, the gift comes with one instruction: Share it with someone else. Strange rule, isn't it? 

Missions on Earth: Here it is guys, the thing you should have probably been training for! We don't control how you complete your self study, but we hope you've learned a thing or two about love, enough that you can play matchmaker! This doesn't only call on our Eros dorm students with their gift of romantic love, but let's see Agape students help mothers and their children reconcile, Phileos sharing the power of friendship with all, and Storge teaching the meaning of brotherly love. Missions on Earth can take place anywhere and at anytime, it is your job as an erote to figure out who is in need of your help. Your weapons, normally ones for zombie bashing, should take a more ~loving~ andlessviolent, use on Earth. Missions on Earth are currently not open to Animalia students. Erotes can complete missions solo or with a partner. (Non-erote human characters are allowed to be used for this activity as said characters in need of help)

Missions on Venus: While missions on Earth cannot at the moment afford to risk taking Animalia as of yet, their mission will be here on Venus with all vehicles firing up to take them back to their own homes, new tribes, other Venus controlled territories, and all sorts of new scenery to show Animalia what they can and are accomplishing by accepting their invitation to the Eros Academy. Approved round trip paths have been issued to avoid any zombies or any other space weirdness out there, so be careful not to stray off! Who knows what might happen... Missions on Venus are also open to non-Animalia students. (Non-erote Animalia characters are allowed to be used for this activity and destinations are left to members with Animalia students and mods who won't be making them up on the spot, Iassureyou)

Love Sickness: While definitely... Like, 80.. 95 percent sure this completely has NOTHING to do with the gifts Venus has given,,, Erotes have been treating other erotes like they're the best thing since sliced bread, which isn't necessarily bad... But it's getting overwhelming to clean up all the rose petals around the clock. Who left this bottle of champagne in the recreational room?! It's going to take MONTHS to wash away the smell of desperation and strong but cheap cologne from our hallowed halls! Do you know what's going on?!

Love Letters: Even if Venus has given you the opportunity to give her gift to someone special, it's still more sincere to do something with your own hands! Send out love letters to all the erotes you care about or request from Venus herself a hint on who would enjoy one. (Completely optional drawing/writing exchange, you can send a note to the group requesting someone to make something for)

Valentine's Day Party: It's been long overdue to celebrate you erotes, so Venus is hosting a party every weekend! Come dance, sing, learn to make chocolates, learn a thing or two about flowers, and play some games to reconnect with your fellow erotes and feel the love~ You may even be crowned Ruler of Valentine's Day! 

Love Potions, By Venus meme template: It is not necessary to use the template at all, but you can draw what you think Venus has given your student of love! It can be pretty much anything, something they love, something they hate, something that makes them question the thought process Venus had behind the gift.. While we can't control what you draw, if it is nsfw, please mark it as such with a mature content warning.

Be sure to drop by the chat and roleplay the event! Participating in this event earns you 10 RP. Be sure to submit all writings and drawings to the events folder and most importantly, have fun! Thank you all, lovely erotes! 

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Sweetillita Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I would loooove to join!!! What can I do to join? :3
Purple-Mystic Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist… Everything you need to know is right here!^^ All you have to do is reserve a room in a house of your choice, more information about the housing system here… And other journals provided may help you decide what kind of character to make. Fill out the application and send a join request to the group with a link. Thank you for your interest in eromania and I apologize for the late reply! Hope to see an app from you soon! :'D  
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:iconconsignedto-oblivion: Would you like to affiliate? :heart: 
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Hey, anyone who is considering joining Ero or just has a general question about the group, Sildrae and I will try to answer any to our best ability in the chat room right now!… Come by if you're free to chat and we'll be in here as long as possible and this weekend too!
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So I was in the group as :iconr0b0t8unny: but left a while ago after the group died.
Would I be a returning member or a new member?
istasha Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
HEY, welcome back! sadly, you would count as a new member since returning members were those who replied to the activity check. i feel a little bad, since you probably didn't get a chance to see it.. 

but don't worry, the only difference is those returning members get to reserve a spot longer, and a free gift to compensate for points they're losing.

if you rejoin with your old character, all you have to do is sign up with the same house as before and you're welcome to keep all of their past interactions/development through the group canon (minus any point shop purchases  though iirc, your character had butterfly wings and those are now a race of their own). you're also at liberty to take this chance to enroll a new character, too!

i hope this clears any doubts & that you'll find the new group to your liking. ^p^)7
RobotBunnyInc Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*7* Oh wow I love all these updates. I'll take my place as new  o7o>
Thanks for letting me know all this
istasha Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015
it's no problem! we're happy to see old faces again <3
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