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Welcome to Eros Academy

You are now a messenger of Venus. The fact you have chosen this path shows that you have great ambition and it is here that you will learn the true meaning of love. We will guide you and give you the tools that will allow you to sculpt your potential into that of a real Patron of Love.



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**Notice please read this first!

Long time, no see messengers! It has been a quiet year on Venus, yet so many of you are studying hard and still contributing to Eromania! That is why for October-November we want to celebrate the end of Autumn with some fun and games, followed by our next grand opening in January!

As of right now, school is officially out on Venus. Students are dressed casually and in-charge of preparing for the upcoming Harvest Festival right around the corner. This is an especially busy time for you in Phileo, with all the decorating and baking that needs to be done. Eros and Agape has their hands full with the gardens while the Storge students are of course in charge with the laboring duties. But it seems even with the busy schedule ahead, many students are yearning for something a little different, just before autumn truly comes..

That's right, you're thinking of Halloween! Now we all know Mother Venus is a fan of monsters, which is why she can appreciate the spirit of Halloween. Here on Venus, she has incorporated that spirit with some tricks-n'-treats of her own; Predating the Harvest Festival, a strange rumor began to spread throughout the school about what lurks under the school grounds.. Many are familiar with the tentacles of Shaggoth, but none have seen his true form. Students brave enough to investigate have took to the basement to find.. it was unlocked?

[ ★ ] All of Oct-Nov - Be sure to check the front page for the Weekly challenges!
[ ★ ] October 18-31 - 13 Days of Halloween!
    The Rumor Talk has began to circle the school about the basement hiding a secret.
    Trick or Treat! Students have made it a tradition to dress up and mimic the trick or treaters of Earth.
    Haunted Basement Many of the more curious students have taken to the rumors and began snooping around the school basement. Inside the labyrinth they found many treasures in the form of treats, with an aroma too delicious to resist. Little did they know, these treats were truly too good to be true, as they were laced with hallucinogens and soon the empty basement was home to their greatest fears..

[ ★ ] November - Harvest Festival
    Pie eating contest! An activity both bakers and self-proclaimed food connoisseurs can appreciate.
    Stitched with Love While the climate on Venus isn't anything like Earth, the air conditioning has been turned up to recreate that chilly breeze so many students were longing to feel. Erotes began exchanging fabric during the festival; scraps of old blankets and clothes they grew out of, each with a story of their own. These were recycled using the supplies from the Phileo dorms to create new special quilts and garments.
    Autumn Banquet At the end of the month, a banquet is held outside in the company of the friends we've made over the year. Everyone has participated to make it happen. Even the rumor is long lost in everyone's minds, as we join together and look back on the bonds we've formed with our now loved ones.
    ❤ To participate, draw your messenger taking place in any of the events, or roleplay it with friends!

Expect more news and updates as we prepare for the next opening! Until then.. Happy Halloween!

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